The NCLA must operate on two fronts to fulfill its mission. First, the Alliance works to educate and mobilize members of the participating chambers of commerce, Upstate Colorado and NCEDC on regional, state and federal policy, regulations, and legislation that affect their ability to succeed.

Second, the NCLA ensures it has a strong presence at the State Capitol and other applicable arenas to assist legislators, the governor and other elected officials and policymakers in making decisions that are in line with the NCLA’s policy statements and priority agenda.

In order to meet both of these objectives, the NCLA:

  • Communicates the Alliance’s positions to local elected officials, legislators, the governor and his administration, Colorado’s congressional delegation, and other policy makers.
  • Holds approximately 18 board of directors meetings annually.
  • Meets with regional organizations annually to assess their needs and identify possible joint efforts.
  • Surveys the chamber and EDC membership annually to discover their priorities and track trends.
  • Drafts priority agendas and updates policy statements annually and communicates priority issues to legislators and other decision makers.
  • Hosts events to thank local and state elected officials for their service to the region and to keep them abreast of the Alliance’s activities.
  • Holds Monday Morning Meetings with Northern Colorado Legislators monthy throughout the state legisaltive session and a Legislative Preview in Northern Colorado before the session to allow legislators to meet with their constituents and to ensure they are aware of the NCLA’s priorities for the legislative session.
  • Issues calls to action to its members requesting they take action on a priorty issue with the potential to affect Northern Colorado’s business climate.
  • Produces materials to inform chamber members on issues important to their business. Materials include the weekly NCLA Policy Post newsletter, periodic press releases and monthly articles for chamber newsletters.


  • Take an active role in the legislative process. Call or write your legislators on issues you care about, or testify at bill committee hearings.
  • Respond to “calls to action” issued by the NCLA on priority issues at critical points in the legislative process.
  • Stay abreast of the issues through reading the NCLA Under the Dome newsletter.
  • Participate in your chamber of commerce government affairs committee.
  • Attend the NCLA’s Legislative Preview, Mission to the Capitol and other events.
  • Join the NCLA. Contact your chamber of commerce to see if a board seat is open in your community.


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