2.10.2014 NCLA Maintains its Opposition to Wage Theft Proposal

Labor groups have lined up to push legislation again this year to respond to what they say is a vast problem for Colorado’s employees, wage theft or a failure by employers to pay wages.    As introduced, the legislation, Senate Bill 14-005 by Senator Jessie Ulibarri (D-Commerce City) and Representative Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont) created untenable thresholds and requirements upon employers to address a problem the Department of Labor proves is minimal.

In this week’s NCLA Under the Dome, learn more about NCLA’s decision to maintain its opposition to the proposal despite efforts to assuage some in the business community.  Keep track of introduced legislation and the NCLA’s position on bills by linking to

NCLA’s 2014 Legislative Tracking Report.   The NCLA Board of Directors engages in legislation that intersects with the

NCLA’s 2014 Priority Legislative Agenda.



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