3.10.2014 Business Community Supports all Funding Options for I-25 Highway Expansion

A third lane from Highway 66 north of Longmont to Highway 14 in Fort Collins is one of the highest transportation funding priorities for the northern Colorado business community.  Under traditional funding scenarios, the $1.2 Billion project is projected to be completed in 75 years.    Given this timeline, the NCLA supports, and will lead in collaboration with our elected officials, the pursuit of any and all funding options to expedite funding of this critical corridor.

In this week’s NCLA Under the Dome, learn the education proposal, who’s in and who’s out of the CD4 race and what the future holds for angel investors.   Keep track of introduced legislation and the NCLA’s position on bills by linking to NCLA’s 2014 Legislative Tracking Report.   The NCLA Board of Directors engages in legislation that intersects with the NCLA’s 2014 Priority Legislative Agenda.

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