About NCLA

In 1992, the boards of directors at the Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley Chambers of Commerce had the foresight to create the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance to lead and influence regional, state and federal policy on issues affecting the unique business interests of Northern Colorado. Over the years, the NCLA has established itself as the voice for business and is sought after on issues that affect all of Colorado.  In subsequent years Upstate Colorado Economic Development has been added to the NCLA partnership as well.


NCLA’s mission is to unite and empower the members of the Northern Colorado chambers of commerce and economic development corporations with the means to generate a strong voice for positive impact on state and federal policy, regulations, and legislation that affect business’ ability to succeed and to help create a more positive business climate for the future of northern Colorado business.


What makes the NCLA notably unique – and is directly related to its effectiveness – is the delegation of all policy-making authority to the NCLA board of directors without a hierarchy of approvals by the individual chamber typical of other regional groups. Such requirements would delay action and hinder swiftness in responding to quickly-moving legislative action.


The NCLA board of directors is comprised of six representatives from each of the three participating chambers of commerce, plus the chamber CEOs and the CEOs of the two economic development corporations for a total board of 23 directors.

The Alliance periodically updates its policy statements that serve as the guiding principles by which the NCLA board of directors determines its annual priority agenda. The policy statements also help the NCLA respond to legislative proposals introduced in the Colorado General Assembly.

The NCLA’s priority agenda evolves from year to year to reflect the northern Colorado business community’s top concerns and the changing dynamic of the business and political climate.


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