NCLA Committees

NCLA has a lean and focused structure that includes two governance groups and four working committees


Governance. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are the governance structure of NCLA.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for formulating policy for NCLA within the broad policy framework approved by partner organizations (chambers, EDCs). It sets the annual budget, goals, and legislative agenda of NCLA, evaluates the performance of NCLA contractors and is responsible for creating and appointing committees. The Board also works as a committee of the whole when it comes to reviewing and acting upon pending legislation.

Executive Committee

A subset of the NCLA Board, the members of this group are prescribed in the bylaws. It has management oversight of NCLA and meets between Board meetings to maintain momentum on carrying out the work of NCLA.

Working Committees. There are four committees providing guidance to the NCLA Board and implementing NCLA’s agenda.

Fix North I-25 Business Alliance

The effectiveness of the transportation system impacts business, the quality of life, public safety and the environment. The area’s key transportation corridor is I-25, which is rapidly failing. The role of the Fix North I-25 Business Alliance is to lobby to secure the funding to widen I-25 to 3 lanes each way between Highways 14 and 66 by 2025.

Northern Colorado Energy Initiative

Energy has driven job growth and improvement in our economy and will continue to be an opportunity for our Northern Colorado.  The role of the Northern Colorado Energy Initiative is to support the production of energy in Northern Colorado that in an environmentally responsible manner

NCLA Water Committee

Affordable, reliable, high quality water is an essential factor in the economic well-being and quality of life of Northern Colorado. The role of the NCLA Water Committee is to lobby for development of new water sources and storage while supporting reasonable water conservation measures. Defensively, the committee will also monitor attempts to change water law.

Northern Colorado Labor Force Coalition

The availability and productivity of the regional workforce is a critical economic consideration. Employers find it increasingly difficult to secure the talent they need. The role of the Northern Colorado Labor Force Coalition is to develop and implement a strategic labor force development plan. The Coalition represents the business (i.e. demand) perspective of workforce.




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