Northern CO Region

Northern Colorado is a region of innovation, education and opportunity that encompasses Larimer and Weld Counties. As one of America’s most economically vibrant and livable places, Northern Colorado is located directly north of Metro Denver, with the Rocky Mountains to the west and Wyoming to the north.

Encompassing 6,621 square miles, Larimer and Weld counties are home to 585,371 people.  The combination of high plains and the Rocky Mountains make for a majestic setting.

As diverse as the landscape is the region’s economy.  The two-county gross domestic product is $19.4 billion with a labor force of 302,731.  Residents value innovation, entrepreneurship, education and quality of life. Drivers of the economy are health services, higher education, energy, agribusiness, manufacturing and construction. Northern Colorado is rich with cultural opportunities and outdoor recreation.


The north-central region of Colorado encompasses Larimer and Weld counties. It is a blend of national parks and open spaces, agricultural land, small towns and urban centers. The area is huge, covering 6,621 sq mi, which is equal to Rhode Island and Connecticut combined (6,757). Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland are the largest of 36 incorporated communities.

Northern Colorado is north of Denver and immediately south of Wyoming. It sits on the high plains up against what is called the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The western part of the region is in the Rockies.

The region has a population of 585,371 people, which grows by an average of 1.85 percent annually (2010-2013).

  Population Annual Average
Percentage Change
Larimer County
   Fort Collins 152,205 1.8%
   Loveland 71,224 2.0%
   Estes Park 6,075 1.1%
Weld County
   Greeley 93,306 1.1%
   Windsor 21,407 5.1%
   Evans 19,508 1.5%

The region has a population of 585,371 people, which grows by an average of 1.85 percent annually (2010-2013).

Source: Colorado Division of Local Government, Office of the State Demographer

The region’s population is relatively young at a median age of 35.4 compared to the national average of 37.3.

The labor force of 302,731 makes its living in agriculture, government, wholesale and retail, education and health services, professional and business services, leisure and hospitality, manufacturing and natural resources and construction.


Traditional 66,754
  Agribusiness 20,837
  Mining 6,760
  Manufacturing 12,700
  Government 26,458
Regional and National Services 38,525
  Professional Business Services 12,166
  Construction 4,803
  Communications 1,105
  Trade and Transportation 4,798
  Finance, Insurance & Real Estate 1,409
  Education and Health Services 14,209
Tourism 13,902

Source: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

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Snapshot of Northern Colorado

Two county region: Larimer and Weld
Location: north of Denver, south of Wyoming, high plains against the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains
Square miles: 6,621
Population: 585,371
Households: 209,644
Labor force: 302,731
Median age: 35.4
Median Income: $58,831

Top 5 Regional Assets

  • Higher education and research labs – CSU/UNC/FRCC/AIMS
  • Water innovation
  • Transportation
    • Rail capacity
    • Highways
    • General Aviation airports
  • Workforce
  • Shovel-ready land

Fun Facts

  • Northern Colorado is known as the Napa Valley of brewing, with beer aficionados and beer makers moving around in swarms. The region is home to brewing giant Anheuser-Busch as well as more than 30 craft and micro breweries.
  • Northern Colorado is home to two public universities (Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado) as well as two community colleges (Front Range Community College and AIMS Community College). And we’re smart too with 35% of the citizens living in Larimer and Weld County holding a bachelors degree or higher.

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