Regional Agenda

Not only does NCLA represent the Northern Colorado business community by lobbying in the state capitol, it has a robust Regional Economic Agenda. The big 4 regional issues are:

  • Widening of I-25. The Interstate and state highways in Northern Colorado are not being properly maintained much less expanded to meet the needs of the state’s fastest growing region. Read more.
  • Energy Development. The two-county area is unique in Colorado because of the breadth of its energy sector which spans from the traditional oil and gas extraction industry in Weld County to clean and renewable energy research and entrepreneurship in Fort Collins. Read more.
  • Water Supply and Storage Development. The old saying about whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting serves to illustrate the serious reality of living in a semi-arid region. Read more.
  • Labor Force Availability and Capabilities. By some estimates, by the year 2030 America will have a 30 million person labor shortfall. Read more.


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