Legislative Priorities

Historically, the NCLA’s key issues have been in the areas of transportation, economic development, health care, tax policy, higher education, labor and water.

2016 Regional Priority Agenda

We believe it is imperative that all public policy considerations be directed toward maintaining or enhancing the vitality and viability of Colorado businesses.  These businesses are the heart of Colorado’s economy and the foundation of a sound and healthy government. Read more about how NCLA sets the priority agenda into action.

Regional Priorities:

  • Promote water development, especially Glade, Halligan and Seaman Reservoirs
  • Protect and support the growth of the traditional energy sector while encouraging the innovative energy sector
  • Advocate for development of workforce talent
  • Lead the initiative to secure funding to widen North I-25 and funding for regional highways including 85 and 287

NCLA Policy Priorities include…

Transportation Funding:

  • Secure $1.2 billion to widen I-25 to three lanes each direction between US 14 and US 66
  • Advocate for improvements to US 85 and US 287
  • Protect SB 09-228 to retain dollars for transportation while continuing to pursue additional funds for transportation    projects

Support increasing water storage capacity of Northern Colorado, in particular, the development of the Northern Integrated Supply Project and the expansion of Halligan and Seaman reservoirs.

Support and encourage economic growth  in the innovative and traditional energy economy.

Support a strategy to create a stable funding model for education.

Influence key issues that impact business:

  • Support elimination of business personal property tax
  • Maintain the integrity of the workers compensation system for Colorado businesses
  • Maintain the viability of enterprise zones as a job creation tool for Colorado
  • Support efforts to find early stage capital for entrepreneurs in Northern Colorado
  • Support the creation of affordable housing by supporting legislation to improve the methods for solving disputes between homeowners and contractors

Support reform efforts to streamline state government by eliminating duplicate or unnecessary government  regulation.

NCLA is the joint public policy advocacy effort of the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley Chambers of Commerce and Upstate Colorado Economic Development.

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