Phase Out of Oil and Gas Sector Proposal Threatens Northern Colorado

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With the introduction of Senate Bill 159, sponsored by Adams and Weld County Senator Kevin Priola (D) and Fort Collins Representative Andrew Boesenecker (D), Colorado and northern Colorado stands at a crossroads as legislators debate a bill to phase out new oil and gas drilling by 2030. Oil and gas companies, long pillars of Colorado and northern Colorado’s economy, face an uncertain future.   While the proposal’s stated aim is to protect public health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the consequence greatly affects northern Colorado’s economic balance.  The NCLA is firmly opposed to Senate Bill 159.

Gradual Ban on New Drilling:

Industry Concerns

Economic Realities

Balancing Act

Act Now:  NCLA has joined the call against SB 159, particularly due to the bill’s very targeted and tangible attack on the energy sector that is an economic piller .  Tell our Northern Colorado legislators to vote against SB 159.